At Ragnar Research, It’s About Teamwork.

We take our names from a relay race. Not just any race, one where a team of runners covers hundreds of miles, over beautiful and unforgiving terrain, and through conditions that can be both punishing and exhilarating.

Like any corporate or political campaign, it takes the whole team working together to successfully complete and win the race. At Ragnar Research, we want to be part of your team.

It is a race where the miles are earned in all sorts of terrain and all sorts of tough conditions. Success is the result of preparation before the race, the will power to gut out the tough miles, and the support of your teammates. While it can feel like you are out there on your own when your are running, you have a support team making sure you have the water and the encouragement you need to grind out the tough miles.

In much the same way, it is teamwork that makes a campaign successful. At Ragnar Research Partners, we view research as the supporting piece of your campaign that gets you through the tough miles and across the finish line.

The reason we do this, run a race, campaign for office, or launch a new product is because nothing compares to the thrill of crossing the finish line first.

Accuracy Above All Else.

Today, anyone with a smartphone and a twitter account can be an expert. The obsession with “clicks,” and new content, along with the self-promotion of the pundit class, has turned polling into a talking point instead of a data point.

As a result, for those who use data to make strategic decisions it is impossible to tell the signal from the noise.

With over 40 years of combined experience in public opinion research the principals at Ragnar Research have a track record of getting the numbers right in tough races. In fact, we are obsessive about it. We aren’t chasing headlines; we are producing toplines.

Producing accurate results takes hard work and the diligent application of the scientific method.

The Ragnar Research approach relies on an experimental design that incorporates control variables to determine what is actually going to impact voter and consumer behavior.  Our flexible approach with past election data, historic behavior, and direct feedback ensures that we catch changing opinions instead of pre-determining the results.

Where other firms pull their punches, we listen to the data because we don’t want to go with the herd; we want to be right.